Tools : Adobe Illustrator
Timeline: 1 week
Assigned in my Information Design class, focused heavily on teaching designers how to inform people through means of design, we were given a project to create a promotional informative Winter Olympics poster design. This poster focuses on the ages and gender percentages of participating snowboarding athletes, the 5 snowboarding categories, and the amount of metals the top 5 competing countries acquired.
My approach was to have a balance in the layout of the poster. I wanted to keep the color scheme simple and have different elements of the design help lookers flow through it while gaining information about the 2014 Winter Olympics. 
Creative Brief
Client and Background
The client for this brief is NBC's Today show. The Today show has been on the air for 70 years and is fifth on the list of longest-running United States television series. Despite declining ratings in recent years, the shows remain the best option for reaching the most number of viewers in the morning. Their aging populations have been a particularly strong target for the pharmaceutical sector, making them an ideal customer for our project.

This campaign will be aimed at American adults looking to gain information on Winter Olympics snowboarding as well as the ages and genders of athletes that have participated in the sport and the medals they have won.

Target Audience: who is his aimed at?
The primary target will be segments of our customer database: males and females aged 24 to 54 who are looking to gain information about previous Winter Olympics snowboarding statistics and changes over the years. This audience will be able to recognize the differences between different Olympics and see how both gender and age influence the outcomes of winning medals.

Poster Template
The size of the poster will be a 10" x 20" png with the format of 72dpi. A list of sources referenced will be displayed on the bottom or side of the poster using 8 point text or smaller.

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