project overview–
For this assignment, I was tasked with creating a logo design for a fictional medical center based in New Zealand, "Kiwi Care". I chose to incorporate the imagery of the Kiwi fruit, as it is one of my personal favorites. The design process began with exploratory sketches, exploring various concepts and ideas. To further push the boundaries of the design and encourage creative thinking, I was presented with specific challenges such as incorporating line and shape designs, geometric shapes, and straight lines only into the design. These limitations forced me to think outside the box and push the design to its full potential. The final design is a combination of the above-mentioned elements, it represents the Kiwi Care brand in a unique and professional way.
Final Design
The color palette i chose matched traditional kiwi fruit colors to make it look more authentic. I aimed to keep the design simple yet effective in showing exactly what it was.
Mockups Designs
The following designs present a potential visual representation of the proposed concept on an architectural scale, as well as its application on various marketing materials such as business cards.

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